Who are you? Better yet, who do you want to be as an entertainer? How do you want to be perceived by colleagues, producers and entertainment professionals when they meet you or see your photos and videos? 

We will work together to answer these questions and begin to construct your VISION of yourself then build your BRAND around that. This includes assessing your current body of work, your image, and your goals to create cohesive assets- that include YOU- to support your vision. This can mean standing out from the crowd or being part of a specific genre. Either way, it will allow you to really own who you are and go after the opportunities you want. This type of coaching is avail for the beginner and semiprofessional, alike! You can start here any time. Here is a sampling of some of the things we will do together:

- Create a vision board of what you want to create for yourself as an entertainer

- Assess your photography and video portfolio to determine what, if anything, is needed. If photos are needed, we can work on that separately

- Assess your current work and determine which acts follow your vision and which need to go, need to be updated or what needs to be created in terms of your "signature act"

- Create a logo- if needed- for your brand. A logo isn't always needed, but is helpful. 

- Create business cards

- Create a website. I can build this for you or we can elect to hire an agency. 

- Image coaching- how we present ourselves visually, personally and energetically has a big impact on our brand. We'll look at how you currently show up and how you WANT to show up and create THAT. This is my favorite part! 

There are tons of things that fall within this category that we can discuss. Some of the items above (photography, video and act creation) fall within other categories and are separate packages with different pricing. 

Pricing for BRAND and VISION- Contact for rates below

One-on-one 1-hour session                         

One-on-one 5 session package                 

Bring a friend 5 session package                  

* Session and package rates non-refundable, must be used within 1 year of purchase and are non-transferrable. 

***Logo creation, Business cards and Website creation  will be outsourced and will be based on vendor rate


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