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Studio rental fees not included. Travel fee may be incurred for travel outside of Los Angeles. Session and package rates non-refundable, must be used within 1 year of purchase and are non-transferrable. Please inquire below.

Act Creation

Need a new act? Want to start from scratch as a beginner or just want to do something new and different? We will start from the ground up whether you are new and don't know where to start OR you have been doing this "forever" and have a few ideas you'd like to explore (or not!). We will work on it all- storytelling, theme, choreography, costuming, movement and more. We can even bring in experts to to help with additional things like adding salsa moves, ballet, costuming, props and sfx makeup. This is a flexible process based on what you need. We'll create a plan to meet your goals! It's your dream and we'll make it happen!

Act Revamp

Sometimes, our first and second acts don't stand for the performer or entertainer we are today. I have 2 of those! Sometimes, we create acts quickly to fill a theme or requirement, We love them, but they don't fit our current vision or brand any more. That's ok! We can revamp those with new choreography, new or updated costuming, props and music. Maybe you just need to make it longer or adjust it for a festival. We'll lovingly appreciate those acts and give them lots of love while we bring them into their new state of being. They are a huge part of what got us where we are now, so lets see how we can keep them in our portfolio in a way that supports our current and future vision. 

Stage and Performance 

This is where we get into the nitty gritty of stage presence, stage management and overall performance quality. This is where we move from Performer to Entertainer! You may want to expand on how you move or take up space. You may want to work on your facial expressions or character work. You could be breaking into the festival circuit and aren't sure how to use that massive stage. We'll work through all of this. It can include adjusting and adding choreography, adjusting costuming, makeup lessons and lots of homework in the mirror! We'll also work with energy raising techniques for pre-show jitters!