My life is no longer about WHAT I do but WHY I do it. I believe that we can all be fully self-expressed and living lives we love and have it ALL. My dream is for every person to discover that for themselves- not just women. Imagine having it all. I used to have so many reasons why I couldn't do things. SO MANY. Then I realized that I was the BIG reason I couldn't do things. I not only created the reasons, but I created how the things I wanted to do showed up, then how I showed up in relation to them, thus creating the outcome I wanted to believe. Make sense? Yeah, I know. It's a rabbit hole. We often don't notice the rabbit holes we create for ourselves and that it's THOSE HOLES that hold us inside them in the dark. This type of Personal Coaching will work and live within the vision of who you are as an entertainer but impact your personal life immensely. We will look at what you currently create in your head, how you show up for people and how you think about yourself and your goals. We'll then work to create new possibilities for working, living and loving our dreams. How? We'll replace negative thinking, concepts and ideals with new possibilities that have specific actions against them. This isn't meditation. It's action, doing, being. It works. I didn't become the positive person who is living her dreams by sitting in the dark in my rabbit hole. 

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